Advanced Ukulele Strumming – Simplified

Yesterday, I gave you a tightly worded how-to for basic strumming and singing.

Now, if you’ve got those basics down, and can strum a song with a simple pattern easily—that is, second-nature easily, then you can spiff it up without even thinking.

In fact it’s better to NOT think. Let your instincts control you, you animal, you.

So the basic strum just matches your foot tap. Easy-peasy, right?

The advanced strum matches what you play on the steering wheel of the car while listening to the radio.

Huh wha?

You know, when you’re reckless-driving and you’re pounding drums on the steering wheel to the music on the radio.

USUALLY—one hand is mostly keeping the beat (the 1-2-3-4). And the other hand is coming down in between, adding some variety and interest.

You may even be doing some wild Keith Moon style fills using both hands (depending on who else is in the car with you).

And here’s the miracle:

Strumming your uke can match exactly what you’re pounding out on the steering wheel. Even the wild fills.

Here’s today’s gift. Don’t look it in the mouth:

  • Right-hand pounds are down strokes.
  • Left-hand pounds are up strokes.

If you can pound it, you can play it.

I know 90% of you will close this email and not try this. For the rest of you, I’ll see you on stage.

your pal,