How to tell if you’re musically gifted

There’s a really simple way to tell if you are truly musically gifted or not.

Here it is:

The fact you are reading this, wondering whether or not you are, means you probably aren’t.

Smiley emoticon.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad. I’m just stating the simple fact.

But lest you take that as a negative, let me state another fact:

The notion that you MUST be “gifted” from birth in order to ever really play music is FALSE.

Feeling better (I hope)?

  • Was George Harrison gifted?
  • What about Iz (the “Over the Rainbow” guy)? gifted?
  • George Formby, Ukulele Ike?

Well, ah, yes. Probably they were.

So carrying on with the simple facts thingy…

Theres a 99% chance you won’t ever play the ukulele like George Harrison if you’re only just now learning at this point in your life.

The good news is this:

You don’t have to be gifted at all to enjoy playing the uke. And even to get good at it.

Par example:

I would give just about anything to be a great carpenter.

I love it fooling around with wood and tools.
But the fact is, I’m not a “natural.”

Not gifted.

So I guess I should just never build anything, right?

Heck no. I’m working on projects all the time and have a blast.

Sometimes my table comes out a little lopsided, or the hand-crafted door on the shed doesn’t quite close. And very often I wind up with chisel cuts in my fingers instead of my projects.

But the fact that I’m clearly not “gifted” doesn’t keep me from starting the next project, and trying something a little different, a little less blood-covered next time around.

The end result is nice, even when it’s not perfect. I’m supporting the Band-aid industry. And the process of learning and creating brings me joy.

So quit worrying whether or not you are musically gifted enough to master strumming on the ukulele.

You are. I guarantee it.

Find time, find something to play, and enjoy what happens when your fingers hit the strings.

your pal,

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